EY62 Drying Rate Tester


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     EY62 drying rate tester, it is compliance with American AATCC201 test standard design to automatic test the fabric drying rate instrument.
    Using high-precision temperature sensor, air speed sensor , and automatically drop device test fabric drying time and drying rate
    The instrument built-in control panel and display screen, can complete all the test in without connecting to a computer, can also be through the WiFi connect computer for data transmission, data is displayed in the form of curves and graphs , convenient for the user to analyze and print.
    Instrument shell made by thick aluminum alloy plate, durable and never rust.
1.2 Technical Specificationstop

Hotplate size:305mmX305mm 
Sample Holder:150mm×40mm×2mm 
Hotplate temperature:37 ± 0.1 ºC 
Temperature display:0.01 ºC 
Air Speed :1.5m/s ± 0.1m/s 
IR thermocouple:15~50ºC ± 0.1 ºC 
Sample thickness:0~10mm 
Water Dripping:0.2ml ± 0.001mL 
Data Transfer:WiFi 
POWER:AC220V±10%,100W or AC110V±10%,100W 
Dimension:52(L)×40(W)×26(H)cm 
1.3 Test standardstop
1.4 Test principletop
  Instrument to simulate human body sweating, sweat in drying process on the fabric, fabric placed above the hotplate , drip 0.2 ml of water in the middle of the heating plate, use 1.5 m/s air to dry the sample,and the infrared temperature sensor test fabric temperature changes ,when fabric dry end,test the drying time get drying speed.
1.5 Applicationtop
The sportswear fabric testing, underwear apparel fabrics testing and research
1.6 Configurationtop
Drying Rate Tester Main Machine,DRT PC software,Sample Holder.

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