EY51 Thermal Resistance Tester


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    EY51 thermal resistance tester is more professional, high precision thermal resistance tester, a complete simulation of the human body skin body hotplate, not moldy, easy to clean, simple PC software, easy to use.
    Air duct structure can be removed simply, Conform to the standard requirements of static testing and dynamic testing.
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(RCT)Thermal resistance : 0.002-2 .0 m²K / W
Repeatability: ≤ ± 2%
Resolution: 0.001m²K / W
Test plate temperature range: 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ adjustable
Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.03 ℃
Temperature measurement: ± 0.01 ℃
Air velocity: 0 ~ 1.2 m / s continuously adjustable
Air velocity accuracy: ± 1%
The sample platform lift range :0~50mm automatic lift
Sample thickness:0~50mm
Test plate area: 254mm × 254mm
Guard ring size: 512mm × 512mm
Guard ring width: 127mm
Sample size:500mm*500mm
Dimensions: 73 × 61 × 350cm (L x W x H) (not including Climate Chamber)
Weight: 45Kg (not including Climate Chamber)
Host power: AC220V ± 10%, 100W or AC110V ± 10%, 100W
Warranty: 24 Months
Test standardstop
GB/T 11048, ISO 11092, ASTM F 1868-09, ASTM D 1518-85, JIS L1096-2010, BS8510-2009
Test principletop
  Clothing is often made of materials that impede the flow of heat and moisture from the skin to the environment. Consequently, people may suffer from heat stress or cold stress when wearin clothing in different environmental conditions. Therefore, it is important to quantify the thermal resistance and evaporative resistance of clothing materials and to consider these properties when selecting materials for different clothing applications.
Measurement of the thermal resistance, under steady-state conditions, of fabrics, films, coatings, foams.
Standard configuration: host test unit, TRT analysis PC software

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